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Updated: Oct 8, 2021

I would like to thank my 3 children and all my family and friends that have encouraged me to press on and pursue what I enjoy.

First I want to thank Patti & Scott for doing my LLC. That pretty much sealed the deal of moving me on to start the business. And I want to thank Mindi for giving up her time and helping me with the website and Jake for understanding. I couldn't have done it without you. (I have a better appreciation for website designers. WOW! "what a job". It's still under construction), And finally, I want to thank Lewis for your help in going forward with this website. I do have 3 of the finest Children that Gad has gifted me with! I'm very blessed! Thank you all very much. I Love You

You are my very first order and gift basket. A big shout out to my friend Leila. Thank you, my friend!

Here's the gift basket she ordered!

Gift Basket with products picked by customer
Snowman Gift Basket

Another shout out to my daughter Mindi for the Gift Basket order as well.

Thank you, baby girl! And here is her Gift Basket!

I wanted to share with you our new containers for Gift Baskets. You can find them in the Christmas Gift Baskets Collection.

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